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How Do I Order Textbooks?

  1. Use to find your course materials.
  2. Screenshot of page where you can enter course number and select how you will be taking the course.
  3. You can input all your classes at one time.
    1. Make sure to include the dash in the course number, CHM-101
    2. Put commas between each course number; CHM-101, CWV-101
  4. Choose 'Ground-Traditional Campus'
    1. Choose 'Online' if you are taking the class online.
  5. Click 'Submit'.
  6. Screenshot of page that shows the result of your search.
  7. Check the "Format" column for the type of book.
    1. Ebooks are available in the LoudCloud Learning Management System.
    2. Print books are available from various online retailers.
      1. Follett, Amazon, Barnes & Noble
  8. For print books, use the ISBN to search.
    1. Highlight the ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
    2. Copy the ISBN
  9. Screenshot of the page with the highlighted ISBN(International Standard Book Number).
  10. Use the ISBN to search for your books from the vendor of your choice.
    1. Follet -
    2. Amazon -
    3. Barnes and Noble -
  11. Screenshot of page